Do you ship internationally?

We do not ship outside of the United States.  We also do not ship to California addresses.

My company is on open account with CMT. Can I charge orders to our account?

If your company is currently on open account with CMT, you will be given the option at checkout of charging to your account or paying by credit card. All other orders will require credit card payment at the time of checkout.

How do I search for items?

You can search for items via the search box toward the upper right portion of the screen or by going to Products in the navigation. Once you have selected a product category, a list of additional filters will be provided on the left side of the screen to further refine your search. Note that the search box provided with the filters works in combination with those filters and only searches the currently selected category.

Are all of CMT's products available online?

We currently offer nearly 600,000 of our most popular items on-line and will continue to expand our offering. However, CMT is proud to represent numerous additional product brands that are available through our Customer Service Representatives. Request a tool today or for a complete listing of all manufacturers represented, click here.

Can I view and track all of my orders and order history online?

Currently only orders processed online are viewable.