Allied Machine & Engineering



Allied Machine & Engineering

Allied Machine and Engineering in Dover, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of metal drilling and hole-making tooling. They serve various industries that require specialized drills, bits and taps for a variety of uses.

Allied Machine and Engineering’s product line includes the following tools for all industrial uses:

  • Spade Drills
  • Port Tools
  • Threadmills
  • Reamers

Allied Hole-Making Tools

Allied produces just about every tool needed to drill, cut, or shape metal. Out of the thousands of tools they offer, three of the most popular lines are:

  • Spade Drills- Spade drill inserts and holders allow end users to create holes ranging from one inch up to eight inches in diameter. The drill inserts are available in a variety of coatings to decrease production time and increase tool life. Inserts are easily removed and replaced, minimizing production delays during changeovers.
  • Port Tools- To seal correctly, ports must be cut and finished to exact tolerances. Accuport tools from Allied perform drilling and finishing in a single operation. End users are guaranteed an accurate finish, while also saving production time.
  • Reamers- Achieving large enough and even holes is easy with the Alvan(t) Monobloc and Ring size reamers that are available in various diameters. These reamers offer close tolerances and a smooth finish. Carbide, cement and PCD or CBN cutting edges can be ordered through Allied.

Allied also offers the EcoCut(t) multi-function tool for drilling, boring, facing and turning. This tool saves set-up times for many lathes.

Allied Machine & Engineering and CMT

Allied Machine and Engineering provides tooling equipment to the metal industry world-wide. CMT is an authorized distributor of the full line of Allied tools. Browse all of our Allied Machine & Engineering offerings or contact CMT to find the perfect Allied tools for your metal fabrication needs.