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Construction & Heavy Equipment

Demands and Challenges Within the Construction and Heavy Equipment Industry

The cyclical demand that governs the construction and heavy equipment industry places a premium on component manufacturers’ partnering with lean, nimble suppliers that can respond to their dynamic production schedule. In boom times, infrastructure investment, private enterprise expansion, and custom home features may require rapid retooling and expansion of manufacturing capabilities. As the economy slows, demand may shift to mass-produced building materials and standard specifications that enable homebuilders and municipal building departments to save on design and building costs. The global nature of construction and heavy equipment investment also brings international relations, currency exchange rates, and trade policies into play. In order for U.S.-based domestic transnational manufacturing companies, heavy-civil contractors, and specialty construction companies to remain competitive, they must secure consistent, reliable, cost-effective supplier resources.

Responsive to Dynamic Demand
In more than 30 years in business, CMT has witnessed its share of global economic cycles. We have the experience and insight to anticipate the changing needs of the construction and development industries. Our product recommendation service, streamlined custom-ordering process, engineering, and product support combine to empower our customers to manufacture higher quality parts, in less time, with less tooling required, resulting in lower cost per part. 
Your Partner in Improving Processes and Reducing Costs
  1. CMT leverages an extensive line of metal cutting tools, abrasives, PPE equipment, etc. and a breadth and depth of knowledge to provide a solution to match the needs of our customers and help reduce costs.
  2. CMT has custom and complete supply chain solutions, whether it be simple Kan-Ban or complete commodity management or integrated supply to achieve long term success for our customers. 
  3. CMT’s Sales Engineers work with our “STAR” App, and can capture and quantify data in order to report cost savings for our customers.  This information is provided in real time, and can be reviewed with our customers in order to track and report savings.
These services position CMT as your one-stop shop for everything you need to maximize manufacturing uptime by recommending and implementing true turnkey processes to handle manufacturing, inventory, and tooling advice. Contact us today and talk to a representative about how CMT can help your construction and heavy equipment company.